Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Buzz About Bokashi

A buzz in going on about EM•1® Bokashi and the food waste recycling program. EM America is a seeing a surge in demand for the fermenter buckets and the Organic Rice Bran Bokashi. Last year I received an email from someone in Dave's Garden ( that there was a lot of talk about EM Technology™ and someone from EM America should join in to help with the technical advice...I couldn't resist! There are now 3 separate forums on various applications of EM Technology™. For the gardener, Dave's is the ultimate internet community.

About two weeks ago, a Seattle Washington newspaper ran an article about the Bokashi food waste recycling program. Ann Lovejoy wrote the article. Being Seattle, I am sure people jumped at the "new" idea.

People are catching on...

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