Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Organic Growers School

I'm off to North Carolina tomorrow to speak about Effective Microorganisms™ at the Organic Growers School in Ashville, North Carolina. I am pretty excited about this. I haven't done more than a couple workshops on EM1 since last summer at the Health & Wellness Expo. I enjoy getting up in front of people and discussing the many applications of this great technology. We hold something than can make such a difference in the world and it seems like more and more people are opening their minds to the idea that microbes have a place in the world as problem solvers.

The gist of this meeting is to stress the importance of microbes in farming and gardening. EM America does have a few customers in the area including some naturopaths and homeowners. I'm nut sure how many people already know about EM Technology in the area. What I'll do is a general overview lecture on EM Technology and its impact on farming, home, and the environment. After that, I will be doing a couple workshops on practical applications of EM1 such as making activated EM, EM5, and Fermented Plant Extracts.

I'll write a little after I get back.

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