Saturday, April 18, 2009

EM Seminars Coming (Dr Higa's Coming to Town Part II)

We've got dates, times, addresses, and lecture topics for Louisiana and Florida. Everyone is welcome. All ages.

On May 11th at 6pm, we will be holding an introductory seminar on Effective Microorganisms™ with a focus on building highly productive soils for agriculture. We invite all farmers and growers, conventional and organic. There will be no charge either of these events.

The May 13th event is going to be more scientific in nature and focus on commercial agriculture. It is being brought in conjunction with the Southwest Florida Research & Education Center.

The event in Louisiana will be held at:
Baker Municipal Auditorium (link to map).
3325 Groom Rd.
Baker, Louisiana 70714

Bill Worthey (Farm Manger at San Xavier Co-operative Farm. Tucson, Arizona): Reduction of input costs through the use of Nature Farming and Effective Microorganisms™. Bill will show examples of the farming techniques used at the San Xavier Co-operative Farm in Tucson, Arizona.

Jeremy Murdock (Vice President, EM America): will be discussing the effects of EM-1® on soil fertility and compost quality.

Dr Shuichi Okumoto: Building disease suppressive soils and colonizing leaf surfaces with Effective Microorganisms

Event in Florida: May 13th at 6pm.
Southwest Florida Research & Education Center (Link to map)
2686 SR 29 N.
Immokalee, FL 34142
(239) 658-3400

Dr. Okumoto will be one of several speakers at this evening's event. His discussion topic will be "Building disease suppressive soils and colonizing leaf surfaces with Effective Microorganisms™."

*Dr. Shuichi Okumoto, Senior Vice President of EMRO USA will stand in for Dr. Higa.  Dr. Okumoto holds a doctorate of Science and Engineering, MS in Tropical Agriculture focused on Integrated Pest Management and BS in Agriculture focused on phytopathology.  Dr. Okumoto has been Senior Vice President of EMRO USA in Tucson, Arizona since April 2005.  He has studied, worked and promoted EM Technology® in Costa Rica and other Central and South American countries prior to coming to the USA for many years.  He also researched sustainable agricultural systems using beneficial microorganisms at the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) in Costa Rica for over 4 years, and was a professor of Organic Agriculture at the University of Costa Rica and EARTH University for 9 years.  He has bee involved with EM Technology® since 1997 and has an extensive knowledge in plant disease management and organic agriculture.

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