Saturday, June 06, 2009

back online--lecture follow up

I had some major computer break down while in Louisiana and am now back online. I had to get a new computer. I got a new MacBook and am loving it!

Our meetings in Louisiana and Florida went well. We had a small group of very interested people in Baton Rouge who came out during a large storm to learn about EM®. We thank them for coming out in the torrential downpours, some came from over a hundred miles.

In Florida, we were able to visit several large farms who are using EM1 in their crop production. Some of them are growing as many as 50 varieties of vegetables. Our activator in Florida, Tom Wilkes, is working with the farmers to see their success through with EM•1® applications.

We changed the format a bit for the lecture in Florida to focus more on their local issues. The evening started with a 10-minute section of Life In The Soil, followed by a presentation about what types of research projects are available in the area. Next, an Ag-extension researcher presented on the use of beneficial microbes in building disease-suppressive soils. His presentation showed several bench studies using single strains of microbes on local plants. Lastly, Dr. Okumoto presented on Effective Microorganisms™. His presentation built on the concept of using EM® as a consistent approach, with a long history of use on several continents in crop production.

We are working on editing videos of the presentations and hope to have them available soon. Thank you to everyone that was involved in helping us put these together and for everyone who attended. We hope to see you a future events.

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