Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Activated EM1 workshop in Tucson

We plan to make a series of these workshops, building on each other, advancing in complexity of EM Technology®. Our workshop last week, which covered making EM1 Bokashi for food waste recycling.

We decided that we would like to make this the first in a series of workshops to teach about EM1. CJ and Adam truly want to teach people how they use EM Technology® on their farm and also want to encourage people to come and visit their farm.

On September 12 from 4:30pm-6:30pm we'll be holding the next workshop. This workshop will teach people how to make Activated EM1. We will make a basic recipe of Activated EM1 and then discuss and demonstrate how the Activated EM1 is applied to vegetables and soils...right on the farm. Attendees will take home some Activated EM1 that is ready to use and will also take some home that is fermenting and will be ready to use about 1 week after the workshop. As usual, we will give out some goodies for people to take home as well.

I would say this is the next step in an introduction to EM Technology® because nearly all of the applications we use EM1 for are with Activated EM1. The process is very simple, yet not really demonstrated anywhere. Many sites talking about activation complicate the process so much that people stop before they every get started. They talk about keeping the AEM1 a certain temperature, the exposure to sunlight, using ceramic powders, using non-chlorinated water, etc. None of these items are necessary to produce a high quality Activated EM1.


kate said...

How do I sign up for the Sept. 12 workshop?
Kate Flax

TeraGanix said...

Hi Kate,
We postponed the workshop to September 26.
You register with Sleeping Frog Farms: 520.638.7683 or
Thank you,