Sunday, July 04, 2010

Know your soil to plan for next season

The 2010 growing season is on.  In some areas harvest has already started.

Some of my previous posts discuss different soil types.  The basic types of soils are disease inducing, disease-suppressive, synthetic, and zymogenic.  Re-read the descriptions of each to get a gauge of where your soil is.  I also suggest looking at the Acres USA's website, Natural Resources Conservation Services, The Rodale Institute, and contact your local Ag extension service. 

Keep in mind that as you prune and pick, you can leave the plant material on the ground so to amend the soil when it breaks down.  Try to make sure you add as much organic matter to the soil as possible.

Get a soil analysis done to find out what the level of organic matter is, what the soil pH is, what the CEC is, and what nutrients you have and which ones you lack.  Without some of the basics, you're approaching this blindly.  EM•1® can help, but even EM•1® needs some basic nutrients to live too.