Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Trial

Just a little update on what's going on with EM Technology®.

This summer a client of ours started a field trial with pumpkins in Southern Arizona.  The trial was done at a farm in San Simon, Arizona.  The fields are irrigated with drip irrigation.  Activated EM•1® was used in conjunction with conventional fertilizer, humate, and micronutrients.  Three applications of Activated EM•1® were applied to total 40 gallons in the soil.  No product was applied foliarly.

The only difference between the Activated EM•1® plot and the control was the addition of Activated EM•1®.  Final yields were 45 boxes per acre on the control and 54.52 boxes per acre on the Activated EM•1®-treated plot.  The observations from the soil and plant tissue analysis are as follows:

1.  Organic matter increased with Activated EM•1® (from 1.02 on 5/13/10 to 1.25 on 7/26/10)
2.  pH decreased with Activated EM•1®  (from 7.8 on 5/13/10 to 7.6 on 7/26/10)
3.  N-P-K increased with Activated EM•1®  (from
        Nitrate NO3 36.95ppm on 5/13/10 to 76.35ppm
        Phosporous 19.8mg/kg on 5/13/10 to 21.1 mg/kg on 7/26/10
        Potassium    44ppm on 5/13/10 to 82ppm on 7/26/10
4.  Powdery mildew was less severe with Activated EM•1® use.

Soil Analysis:

NutrientInitial Soil Test40 gal AEM1No EM1UnitsDifference
NO3 N36.9576.3541.3mg/Kg4.35
EC Soil3.785.282.09mmhos/cm-1.69
Organic Matter1.021.250.94percent-0.08

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