Thursday, October 21, 2010

Revisiting Compost Teas

Compost Tea brewer used at Harding Golf Course in California
We're glad to see that many compost tea people are catching on to the message we starting putting out nearly 10 years ago:  "Use EM•1® and Compost Tea together".  They are not the same thing and should not be confused and compliment each other.  Marketing by people promoting tea has caused some confusion as they spend more time comparing EM•1® to compost tea than looking at them as complimentary.  

Doing this is like comparing and apple and an orange.  They are both fruits, they grow in trees, and they are spherically shaped. 

Compost tea methods are specifically set up to produce aerobic microbes, including various fungi, and some amounts of nutrients from the manure or compost.  There will also be various enzymes that are produced, different ones than in EM•1® due to the conditions of the brewing.  You'll be hard pressed to see a nutrient analysis on compost tea or an enzyme list.  This is largely due to the nature of compost tea, which is hardly ever consistent as the feeds stock is always in flux.

EM•1® adds a greater biodiversity to compost tea when added to the tea.  This can be measured as a biodiversity index.  It also adds in roughly 100 enzymes, B-complex vitamins, Vitamins A & D, bacteriocins, IAA, and GA, amino acids, and 40+ trace minerals, all in addition to the lives microbes.  Mix the two together and you are getting a 1:2 punch.  This is why I do not speak against compost teas.

Another benefit to combining EM•1® to compost tea is the extended shelf life.  We have heard that it has extended the shelf life as long as 12 days (however, we normally recommend to use the EM•1®-inoculated tea within 3-4 days).

To learn more about this, please visit Marc Remillard's blog and order his new book.  Marc really gets it and has an entire chapter on EM•1® and the interaction with compost tea in his new book, Compost Tea Making.  Marc also has a new blog that compliments his the book.  Pay a visit to his blog and let us know what you think:  Compost Tea Making.

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