Friday, November 29, 2013

Top 10 Foods Made From Soy

The soybean, like the peanut, can be processed into different food products, making it one of the most heavily processed foods, along with corn, on the market. The soybean’s versatility allows it to mimic certain popular foods like hamburgers, sausage, cheese, and ice cream. Certain soy products, however, have many uses in the cooking process. Along the ladder of rankings, some soy products have more uses than others. Here is a top ten list.
  1. Tofu’s malleability and absorption characteristics allow you to cook and flavor it any way you want, making it a top soy contender. Used as a meat substitute, you can stir fry it or sautĂ© it into any recipe you want.
  2. Used as a milk substitute, soy milk comes in a close second. You can use soy milk as an ingredient in cooking or in healthy milkshakes. Combine fresh fruit, yogurt, and a couple tablespoons of honey for a refreshing healthy breakfast. 
  3. Soy sauce contains a low count of protein and lots of salt. It may not be the most popular in terms of a healthy diet, but is used a lot in Asian cooking. 
  4. Tofu is not the only meat substitution. Other meat substitutions come from soy, namely the soy hamburger. Low in calories and in fat, the soy burger appeals to health enthusiasts and vegetarians alike. 
  5. Other meat alternatives include soy sausage, bacon, hotdogs, and even fake turkey. Additionally, these soy products are low in fat and in cholesterol. 
  6. According the National Garden Bureau, edamame, originated in Japan, has grown in popularity in America since 2004. Edamame are the unripe soybeans found in the green pods in which they grow. They are a popular appetizing treat with a sweet and nutty taste. 
  7. Another Japanese soy product is miso. Created from soy as a paste, chefs use this ingredient to flavor marinades, sauces, and dressings. Miso soup is a popular appetizer in Japanese restaurants. 
  8. Other soy dairy-like products include yogurt and ice cream. Containing lactobacteria, soy yogurt helps regulate and clean your digestive tract. Soy ice cream is low in saturated fat in comparison to its regular dairy ice cream counterpart. 
  9. You can also find soy cheddar, soy mozzarella, soy pepper jack, and soy Monterey Jack in your local whole foods store. 
  10. According to the article “Top Foods Made from Soy”, Americans are still not as aware of the soy product Tempeh as the other soy foods. Tempeh comes from fermented soybeans and is mixed with a grain such as rice or millet and formed into a patty.
If you are looking for a healthy change in diet, soy products are often suggested because they offer a variety to choose from so dieters do not get bored with their food choices. With so much variety, you can eat a different soy meal every night! But, beware, soy almost all soy on the market is genetically modified. It contains high amounts of hormones that can have negative effects on the body when taken in high doses (look at the list above and see how much you are taking in). Chances are you are consuming more soy than your body can properly digest. Lastly, all these different forms are processed, meaning it is not a 100% natural, whole food and should not be consumed as your main food source.

Be sure to eat only certified organic soy products and only in moderation.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Probiotics and Oral Health

The link between probiotics and digestive health has long been known, and promoting that link has been a large component of TeraGanix over the years. Not to be overlooked is the benefit that probiotics provide to your oral health. TeraGanix carries a selection of oral hygiene rinses and kits that work wonders on harmful bacteria in your mouth, so let’s review some common oral health and hygiene issues that can be treated with probiotics like Pro EM-1 and Dr. Don’s dental products.
  1. As part of your digestive health plan, you are going to drink some Pro EM-1 in the morning. Instead of just swallowing it, dilute with a little water and swish and gargle with it before swallowing it. This will get some live probiotics in your mouth.
  2. Bad breath is caused by compounds in your mouth that release sulfur. Since the body shuts off unnecessary functions while you sleep, “morning breath” tends to be the most unpleasant due to a dry mouth lacking sufficient saliva. Gargling with Dr. Don’s oral rinse safely attacks such compounds better than conventional rinses ever could, and will leave you with fresher breath for longer periods of time.
  3. Tonsil stones, which are a contributor to bad breath, are created by those same sulfur-producing compounds found elsewhere in your mouth when debris gets lodged in your tonsils. Combat these tonsilloliths with a gargled oral rinse much like you would for bad breath.
  4. Plaque will form on the surface of your teeth – usually near the gum line – and can lead to gum disease, bad breath, and cavities if not properly treated. Using a paraben-free toothpowder will not only encourage your teeth to deflect food particles from sticking to the surface of your teeth, but it can help balance the pH of your saliva which aids in fighting cavity formation.
  5. Cavities should be rather well-known to anyone these days, but many might not understand how they are formed. Many anaerobic bacterium create acids as a waste product after feeding on sugars. Lactic acid will eat away at tooth enamel before it reaches the much more vulnerable layers of your tooth. Sulfur in our foods (it is found in onions, garlic, and all proteins) is released in our mouths and combines with water, forming sulfuric acid. These acids in our mouth will not only cause cavities in teeth, but can also get into pockets (the gaps between teeth and gums) and eat away at the bone causing bleeding and infection sites (gingivitis and periodontal disease). You can help prevent these by neutralizing these acids in your mouth with pH balancing oral hygiene products like Dr. Don’s toothpowder and pairing it with an oral rinse and probiotics to ensure yourself a basic (Alkaline pH) saliva so you can combat cavity formation effectively!
When it comes down to it, using probiotics to keep your mouth healthy and smelling fresh just makes sense. Not only do they protect your mouth from harmful bacteria and acids, they are completely natural and void of any harmful, synthetic ingredients. Now you know some of the benefits of natural, probiotic-specific oral health products so you can make educated choices when it comes to protecting your teeth, gums, and mouth.